Our History

Xinxiang Jinhui Machinery Co., Ltd is a company mainly dealing with sheet metal part machining, automobile air conditioner condenser, evaporator ect. We are a main air condition spare part supplier for Yutong bus. Now company develops and grows, starting to produce our own products, metal chairs, tolix chairs, dining chairs etc.

Our Factory

Company now has two office buildings and two plants with total floor space of 10720 square meters. Company develops quickly from 2009 and now has 120 workers, in which 30% are with Bachelor degree, 60% are Junior college workers and technicians. From the establishment of the company, turnover increases continuously. Annual turnover reaches 50 million RMB in recent years.

Our Product

Metal Chairs

Hotel Metal Chair, Bar Metal Chair, Restaurant Metal Chair, Dining Metal Chair, Home Metal Chair, Outdoor Metal Chair, Cafe Metal Chair, Kitchen Metal Chair, Industrial Metal Chair, Farmhouse Metal Chair

Metal Stool

Hotel Metal Stool, Bar Metal Stool, Restaurant Metal Stool, Dining Metal Stool, Home Metal Stool, Outdoor Metal Stool, Cafe Metal Stool, Kitchen Metal Stool, Industrial Metal Stool, Farmhouse Metal Stool

Metal Table

Hotel Metal Table, Bar Metal Table, Restaurant Metal Table, Dining Metal Table, Home Metal Table, Outdoor Metal Table, Cafe Metal Table, Kitchen Metal Table, Industrial Metal Table, Farmhouse Metal Table

Plastic Chairs

Hotel Plastic Chairs, Bar Plastic Chairs, Restaurant Plastic Chairs, Dining Plastic Chairs, Home Plastic Chairs, Outdoor Plastic Chairs, Cafe Plastic Chairs, Kitchen Plastic Chairs, Industrial Plastic Chairs, Farmhouse Plastic Chairs

Tolix Style Chair

Tolix style Armchair, Hotel Tolix Style Chairs, Bar Tolix Style Chairs, Restaurant Tolix Style Chairs, Dining Tolix Style Chairs, Home Tolix Style Chairs, Outdoor Tolix Style Chairs, Cafe Tolix Style Chairs, Kitchen Tolix Style Chairs, Industrial Tolix Style Chairs, Farmhouse Tolix Style Chairs

Tolix Style Stool

Hotel Tolix Style Stool, Bar Tolix Style Stool, Restaurant Tolix Style Stool, Dining Tolix Style Stool, Home Tolix Style Stool, Outdoor Tolix Style Stool, Cafe Tolix Style Stool, Kitchen Tolix Style Stool, Industrial Tolix Style Stool, Farmhouse Tolix Style Stool

Tolix Style Table

Hotel Tolix Style Table, Bar Tolix Style Table, Restaurant Tolix Style Table, Dining Tolix Style Table, Home Tolix Style Table, Outdoor Tolix Style Table, Cafe Tolix Style Table, Kitchen Tolix Style Table, Industrial Tolix Style Table, Farmhouse Tolix Style Table

Product Application

Home, hotel, restaurant, bar, industry etc.

Production Equipment

The most advanced large automatic spraying production line, large CNC laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, automatic welding robot etc.

Production Market

To make our company larger and more powerful, we are not only satisfied with meeting China market demands, we also start the business abroad. We built a special team to service overseas customers and got a very good result. Now our products could be seen in every corner of the world.