A brief analysis of the cleaning and maintenance of the dining chairs are the methods

- Jan 22, 2018-

Dining chair is our good partners of daily life, love he can let us compare to eat long time, can also let us in a comfortable environment repast, introduce some dining room chairs are below cleaning and maintenance methods, your dining chair thankful for a good master, you also have a nice meals have dinner mood!


1. Avoid cups and tableware with hot water or hot soup directly on the table, and should be separated from the table by a coaster or heat shield.

2, as a result of long heat exchanger in desktop, leaving a white circle trace, available at this time cotton on to wipe the camphor oil, like a circle back and forth along the white scale trace to wipe, should be easy to remove traces.

3. The white scale of the glass table, as long as the oil is poured in the white scale, then wipe off with the old silk stockings.

4, the wooden dining chair that has color can use dyestuff first to make the action of complementary color in the scratch, wait for the dye to dry, then the upper layer of the candle even.

5. Since the location of the restaurant is usually next to the kitchen, it is easy for the dining room chair to be stained with lampblack, and the user should be diligent to wipe it, so as to reduce the dust attachment and facilitate the cleaning later.

6. In order to avoid oil stains, you can use the chair cover to protect your love chair. When you are not careful, you can remove the chair cover and clean it easily and easily.