British style home design when antique meets art

- Feb 23, 2018-

Living room with bright yellow brighten the whole space, Morocco rattan tea several and Warren Platner design adopts the Designer 's Guild cloth art do armchair, lining in chess format madras silk curtains, XuanYan adorned the sitting room carpet just right.

Above the fireplace, an oil painting by Louis Berthomme saint-andre in the early 20th century, and a fifties, with a colorful lamp shade, spoke to each other.

Next to an antique arm-chair in New York, there is a Danish cabinet in the fifties with two Hugo Guiness linoleum prints.


The Eames seat is reminiscent of the Danish desk in the fifties.

Card on the table with b. Winnblad and e. DE Waal made of pottery, both family photos on the wall, and decorated with several painting graffiti and Matisse (Matisse) and al (Arp) linoleum prints, makes the transition space had a warm atmosphere.

From here you can see that the wall is the entrance to the rose red residence.

What kind of household style do collectors prefer?

How does his collection fit better with home space?

Mark Homewood's residence gives us the answer.

It's an old house full of imagination and artistry, with all kinds of art collections fitting into the space.

At the same time, there is a special story and experience behind everything, which fills the house with dramatic imagination after the master's ingenious idea.

Mark Homewood's hobby is the tour of the world, and Mark Homewood spends a lot of time at thrift stores.

From New York to Paris to Stockholm, he found stark, simple Nordic furniture and a storied Staffordshire Victorian pottery.

In the process of taobao, he likes all kinds of lamps and lanterns, gorgeous classic or simple modern all kinds of lamps and lanterns is his heart good.

"A space because of the choice of different lamps and lanterns, can let it have a variety of expression and atmosphere."

"Said Mark Homewood.


The Eames seat is reminiscent of the Danish desk in the fifties.

Restaurant is a landscape painting on metope, the host chose French long double drawer table with Denmark sideboard and Arne Jacobsen made "Swan" old armchair elegant and fashionable, deserve to go up again the crystal chandeliers and Venice mirror and two seems not match the old iron chairs, this restaurant mix very stylish and elegant.

A pair of Louis xv armchairs and deep, medium and light cobalt blue linen drapes that spliced the fabric of the old fabric and the Designers Guild were used to enhance the modern sense of the space with bright colors on both ends of the restaurant.

On the kitchen ceiling, Ms. Zhu's American moving iron sculpture is impressive.

A parrot sculpture in the Murano glass lamp of the 1930s is accompanied by a Rothko painting.

The owner's mix was unexpected, and the Nordic style was impressive, with a Tolix yellow chair and three white chairs on top of the Swedish carpet, and three Nordic vases on the table.

From the grocery store in the kitchen to the dining room, you can enjoy the dining room's sky-blue walls and a nice garden outside.

"I also like the damaged paintings very much...

I was touched by their wounds -- especially those created by anonymous or anonymous artists!

The master of art also able to skillfully use the collocation of color to create a variety of household atmosphere, such as through a simple color fastens with color will the carpet with a signature, the Swedish seat together, or make a Venice mirror meet with a '50 s floor lamp is clever.

"I think this kind of adornment is full of interesting means - I want this pure pursuit vogue of interior decoration to become more relaxed, joined a British amorous feelings of humor in the environment that occupy the home, make whole space more rich...

"Mark Homewood makes a story about his understanding of the old thing and puts it in a suitable corner of the house. The charm of the old thing makes the house look different.


On the wall of the dining room is an oil painting of the lake.

In master everywhere in detail place, hanging over the toilet sundry counter catharsis pool taught two French chart, when the light was suspended on the top of the retro-styled philips (Phillips) lemon yellow porcelain glaze iron chandelier illuminated.

Astier deVillatte water bottles and blue porcelain were placed beside the sink.


There are two French versions of the education section above the sink at the bathroom counter.

By the window, the Swedish queen Hedvig Eleonora's plaster sculpture is accompanied by Hella Jongerius for the white and blue bowl made by Royal Tichelaar Makkum ceramics factory and Astier DE Villette coffee maker.


The leather-bound New York antique armchairs and Victor Passmore's linoleum prints are in the same room as the Corinthian walls in the lobby.

This way of buying old goods and playing colors, changing the atmosphere and atmosphere of the whole house with the way of matching cloth, will make Mark Homewood's home often have different changes and feelings.

Similarly, the traveler who collects items for others often falls into temptation from all sides.

It is always difficult to keep new ideas and ideas flowing in your head, and how to make your home constantly changing accessories.

As a result, he and his fashion designer friend, Michael Sharp, have created an ever-changing "decorating scene" for every floor of a house in Lambeth.

The critical collector has a sophisticated understanding of classical decor and home furnishings, whether it's the glass of Edvin Ollers in Sweden or Stig Lindberg's China.

He also admired the work of contemporary artists, such as British designer Kate McBride and the artist Olaf Hajek.


The leather-bound New York antique armchairs and Victor Passmore's linoleum prints are in the same room as the Corinthian walls in the lobby.

The design of master bedroom continues the style of whole space, Sweden floor type big pendulum is tie-in flower type wallpaper and silk curtain, the bed that spreads double color linen sheet has neat line and modelling.

These textile products are all from the Designers Guild.


Swedish floor pendulum with floral wallpaper and silk curtains.

In the corner of the master bedroom, the old Swedish plant panels are leaning against a decorative wallpaper wall, paired with a yellow iron bench in the 1960s, with a retro elegance.


A yellow iron bench in the sixties.

In the guest room has a visual impact style Designers Guild shed, surrounded by a big bed in the 19th century, in the room have plaid carpet and HansWegner design the Wishbone armchair with nostalgic breath, let whole space appear elegant quiet.


The visual impact style of the Designers Guild hall is surrounded by a 19th century bed.

Dining room, enamel cast iron fireplace hangs a picture of the sixties Ulf Gripenholm Swedish oil paintings, outside the fireplace was placed on the surface of a Hella Jongerius making giant white vase and the three Straffordshire figurines of the eighteenth century.

In Mark Homewood's unique creativity, color and materials become partners, furniture and decorations can carry on the barrier-free dialogue!

This is the blending charm of appreciating aesthetic, which makes a home full of imagination and artistic atmosphere, bringing extraordinary rich space.


A Swedish painting of the 1960s Ulf Gripenholm is hung above the porcelain enameled cast iron fireplace.