Care instructions for leisure chairs

- Jun 25, 2018-

During the use of the leisure chair, master the correct use and maintenance knowledge, not only make the leisure chair look smooth and clean as new, but also extend the service life of the leisure chair.

Environment requirements:

All kinds of leisure chairs, especially wooden ones, are required to keep a certain temperature and relative humidity indoors during the use process.The newly bought leisure chair, suggest you should maintain a certain amount of ventilation except indoor.Additional indoor recreational chair should avoid sunshine to shoot directly, lest cause furniture surface change color to become ze or furniture craze is out of shape.If indoor use air conditioning, should keep indoor relative humidity in 60% or so.If possible, plant some flowers and plants or ornamental fish indoors to increase the humidity.

Regular maintenance:

The surface of recreational chair lacquer film coating, have the effect that decorates and beautifies furniture surface not only, more important is to protect furniture surface, should undertake glazing clean to furniture surface paint film regularly so.Suggest you are generally once every three months, first USES the soft wet towel to wipe the dust and dirt on the surface of the furniture, furniture surface is a bit dry, gently with furniture wax and liquid wax polish wipes furniture surface.