​ Category of Furniture Chairs

- Aug 16, 2018-

Category of furniture chairs:

1. Leather sofa chair: the style is exquisite and exquisite. Usually the leather chair is mainly made of leather products and wood frames.Sitting face in leather sofa chair commonly and those who rely on a face to choose inside is dermal article, the 4 sides that leather makes sofa chair and outside back usually choose artificial leather.

2. Solid wood chair: this kind of solid wood chair shows the feeling of being natural and grounded.The color of the natural wood itself, which is both natural and free of harmful substances, is a very desirable standard.

3.Metall chair: its anti-rust time can be as long as 5 years,  not easy to be damaged, the appearance through the sand, spray zinc, spray again anti-ultraviolet outdoor powder and other special anti-rust and anti-wear treatment, use up leisurely and comfortable, and cheap and fine, suitable for use on the balcony.

4.leisurely cloth chair: can understand from literal go up to be by each different cloth art is used make the furniture chair that become.From the style, can be divided into European and American style and modern fashion style, and new archaize style and so on.At present, modern fashion style and western country style are widely seen in the market.The cloth art recreational chair of contemporary vogue style is simple commonly design, full of artistic feeling.

5.plastic wood chair: plastic wood plastic wood, also known as environmental protection is not natural materials, made by plastic and wood pulp with together instead of a new type of material, choose mold molding, production process is not controlled by the wood raw material at the same time, can give full play to the practice of creativity by the designer.