Chair manufacturers for your analysis of what kind of furniture the most environmentally friendly?

- Dec 06, 2017-

First, leather furniture and fabric furniture, with the paint is basically not, is the most environmentally friendly! Only solid wood furniture and plate type of furniture, with the most paint! Therefore if buy solid wood furniture and plank furniture must consider the environmental protection question!

Second, the white furniture is easy to dye, change! But now a lot of manufacturers will deal with oxidation treatment, let it's oxidation time is not so fast!

Third, the dosage form polyester paint contains benzene, toluene, xylene, esters, ketones and other organic volatile and highly toxic free TDI, and we produce water-based paint thinner for water, volatile organic solvents content is only solvent-based paint $number, paint film drying depends on polymer self crosslinking reaction, do not use toxic curing agent, Therefore, there is no free TDI volatilization problem, so water-based paint is really environmentally friendly green products. There are water-based paint more slow, if you order a few days can have goods to you will think twice! So we are in the selection of furniture must buy water-based environmental protection paint treatment of furniture, basically there is no taste, is now very popular! But are more expensive, hello solid wood furniture and plate furniture must not be greedy! Buy the time to shop first, ask them what paint to use! Then find out a reserve price, the cheapest can not be, the most expensive to eliminate, to pick the middle prices that few!

water-based paint itself is only dispersed in water, not dissolved in water, the paint contains not only water-based resin, but also a variety of additives such as film additives, after drying, water, film-forming agent volatilization, resin itself polymer chain occurs from the cross-linking reaction, from the linear structure into a three-dimensional staggered network structure, so water resistance is very good, and acid, alkali, Resistant to alcohol and gasoline scrubbing, not afraid of cosmetic pollution.

We buy furniture when we must allow manufacturers to provide the necessary environmental protection certificate, such as plate, solid wood, paint, leather material, cloth and so on these are important factors affecting the quality of furniture, so you must pay more attention to the custom furniture. For example, when you open a hot pot shop to set the hot pot furniture, hot pot shop tables and chairs, card seat sofa These are decided your restaurant overall grade.