Classification of metal chairs

- Jan 24, 2018-

Metal chair, can be divided roughly, iron chair, iron pipe chair and wire chair.

Iron pipe, also have round tube, square tube and rebar.

Of course iron pipes, most of the time frame, provide structural support.

When it comes to metal chairs, you can't avoid the Tolix chair.

jinhui metal chair

Tolix chair is almost ready to fit any style in the home decoration design.

Whether sitting room, dining-room, outdoor, even study, can use almost any space.

The Tolix chair has a classic look and a stable structure.

The metal chair is the immortal legend.

Metal chair, because of the material reason, almost all have the structure strong, the advantage of leather.

The tin chair also avoided the heavy disadvantages of the metal chair.

The disadvantage of metal chair is that it is rusty and easy to corrode.

This is only for later treatment, spray paint or electroplating, to solve.