Fine craftsmanship of jinhui tin chair

- Jan 22, 2018-

The seat is deep and lengthened, and the body is comfortable and considerate.

The back seat of the chair is welded closely to ensure the fastness of the backrest;


The cross fixed frame prevents the extrusion impact deformation, increases the weighing and durable.

It has a smooth surface, smooth feel, concave and convex groove design, more fashion;

Iron alloy material, strong and durable!

1. Sell the sitting panel.

This factory shop sells solid wood to make panel, multi-color optional, more fashionable and more atmosphere.

2. Extended sitting depth

The chair face sits deep sitting width lengthen, no mess how big body can comfortable seat, very intimate.

3. Careful welding

The back of the chair and the body of the chair are welded together to ensure the fastness of the back.

Rock solid.

The cross fixing frame prevents the deformation after the collision, which increases the bearing capacity of the chair and will not deform for long.

5. Exquisite spraying.

On the surface, it is smooth and delicate with a smooth touch, and it is more fashionable to design with concave and convex groove.

6. Solid chair foot

The iron alloy is hard and the careful welding makes the whole chair very strong and durable.