Get rid of the common way of smell in hotel chair furniture.

- Jan 10, 2018-

Here are two common ways to remove odors from hotel furniture.

Plant elimination.

Often selected plants: crane orchid, aloe, tiger tail orchid, cactus and so on.

Orchid (orchid, aloe) and tiger tail land can absorb the indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants, eliminate and avoid the air pollution of the hotel.

Jasmine, lilac, honeysuckle, flowers such as morning glory excretion sterilization element can kill some bacteria, heavy air bay tuberculosis, dysentery pathogens and typhoid bacteria growth, make indoor air clean sanitation.

Most plants use daytime photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide and release hydrogen.

Breathing at night, absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.

Some plants, by contrast, such as the cactus is the release of carbon dioxide in the day, night to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so the night is the cactus, put inside the bedroom can make up the oxygen, conducive to sleep.

Ii. Adsorption method

Commonly used adsorption: activated carbon, water, onion, perfume, wind oil essence.

Adsorption is a solid appearance phenomenon.

It is the use of porous solid adsorbent treatment gaseous pollutants, make it one or more of the following components, the solid adsorbent appearance, in molecular attraction or under the effect of chemical bond force, by adsorption on solid surface, and then reach the purpose of separation.

The commonly used solid adsorbent has coke and activated carbon, and the most widely used is activated carbon.

Activated carbon is used for benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol, ethyl ether, kerosene, gasoline, styrene, vinyl chloride and other substances.

The metope of the smell of paint, new paint or hotel has a strong smell of paint, to remove paint smell, you just need to put two cold indoors, a day to two paint flavour and in addition, also can to Onions covered basin, the same useful.

Bedroom peculiar smell: the bedroom air is dirty, can drop a few drops of perfume or wind oil essence on the bulb, can send out in the heat the fragrance, moving the heart.