Hotel chair

- Jan 24, 2018-

Hotel chairs, hotels, banquets, and hotel seats.

The hotel chair is also called banquet chair.

The hotel dining chair is one of the hotel chairs.

Classification of hotel dining chairs: hotel real wood dining chair, hotel children's dining chair, hotel metal dining chair, hotel armchair.

Among them, the hotel metal dining chair is divided into the hotel aluminum alloy dining chair and the hotel steel dining chair.

Material of hotel dining chair: hand and foot common materials are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron, solid wood;

The seat is made of steel or wood with foam.

Product color: the color and fabric of the dining chair can be matched and selected according to the style of customer demand.

Seat bag: high density PU design sponge bag, density 55-60, thickness 60mm (adjustable soft, hardness)


The product introduction: the real wood dining chair is the name of the theme material to make the frame with solid wood, with the high density PU shape sponge made of the dining chair.

The solid wood dining chair has clear wood grain, the feeling that makes a kind of return to nature.

The main body of the metal dining chair is made of high quality aluminum or steel with high density shaped sponge, simple and fluent, elegant, cushion and backrest according to the ergonomic design of human body, comfortable and comfortable to sit;


More in line with the hotel environment.

More should pay attention to when buying hotel chair chair comfort, while buying the hotel chair, might as well do the following a few basic judgment: a good chair should satisfy the user's body size, such as height, sitting height, thigh length;

The back of the chair should not be too straight, because the back of the chair is mainly used to support the back (spine), while the shape of the spine has several physiological curves. The back chair is too long and can cause back pain.

The height of the chair should be appropriate and the feet should not be suspended.

In addition, might as well sit in the chair to try a try, the waist is perpendicular, the leg is perpendicular to the ground and the thigh, the thigh and the waist is 90 degree Angle, such chair is the most comfortable to sit up.

The hotel dining chair is easier to contact than other chairs, so it is usually necessary to wipe up frequently and avoid the accumulation of oil stains.

The hotel chair that ruffles or pattern is more, the part that should pay attention to detail when cleaning maintenance.

Can use the chair cover to protect the hotel chair, in the clean time more convenient, prolong the service life of the hotel chair.

Do not shake the chair of the hotel casually or tilt the chair into two legs, improper use will destroy the original structure.