How does the hotel chair furniture industry create a new future?

- Jan 10, 2018-

The excess capacity of hotel chair furniture industry is actually a "platitude" problem, it is also the problem that each brand in the industry is increasingly unwilling to admit.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the furniture market, brands are constantly seeking their own solutions.

Whether industrial transformation or deep excavation channel construction, positive change is a good start.

Early, because the product is in short supply, the hotel chair furniture only need to meet the demand of basic functions, can get consumer recognition and love, and a lack of adequate market competition, the hotel chair furniture industry profit margin is higher, and promote the development of the industry more quickly.

Before 2005, China's household market was in great demand, and more than 90% of enterprises were able to make money. The products were sold quickly and the funds were quickly returned.

However, such a good market environment has changed significantly since 2005.

A large number of household enterprises rush into the industry, the real estate market has been depressed for a while, so the household enterprises have become oversupply and overcapacity.

With the continuous development of market economy, this kind of abuse of household industry is more obvious, and some enterprises are facing the crisis of collapse.

However, we can not completely attribute the reason to the market environment, but also include poor management, inadequate channel construction and high cost.

Market development has its own rule, the elimination of unadaptable, backward enterprises, leaving the elite, outstanding enterprises, can make the overall level of the home industry to show an upward trend.

In this fierce background, the hotel chair furniture enterprise only maintains the crisis consciousness, continuously raises the management level is the key.

Generally speaking, the environment is changing, and the household industry is adapting to the changes. It is always the key to establish a firm foothold in the market.

Questions about the hotel chair furniture industry transformation and upgrading, though in recent years become the focus of everyone comment, but excess production capacity, product homogeneity, disorderly competition, blind expansion, etc., have been the phenomenon of objective existence.

Faced with the problem of excess capacity, the transformation of hotel chairs and furniture enterprises has been discussed in the industry.

However, industrial transformation is not a panacea. Enterprises need to start from their own level to better adapt to market development.

First, the hotel chair furniture enterprise should strengthen its comprehensive strength, especially the product and service research and development innovation ability.

In this oversupply market, there is no good product, will lose the market;

The excellent not only in product differentiation, personalized, quality, environmental protection, etc., but also in the product development efficiency and service level, only the enterprise product innovation has always been followed or lead the trend of The Times, in order to gain greater service and profit space at a premium.

Second, the hotel chair furniture enterprise should continuously enhance the brand operation consciousness.

In the era of homogenization of this product, enterprises must establish brand awareness, establish brand strategy and promote brand promotion.

Brand operation consciousness, of course, the key is the enterprise should pay attention to product of substantial value to the intangible value change, constantly refining and enhancing the cultural value of product and enterprise, and for consumers to become a fan of enterprise brand culture, impress clients with services, win the market.

At the same time, although the hotel chair furniture industry is the traditional manufacturing industry, but its humanistic attribute makes the hotel chair furniture industry continuously cross boundary, and becomes a kind of trend.

Then under the impact of the trend, the hotel chair furniture industry obviously difficult to adapt to, as a result, the hotel chair furniture enterprises face the transformation must jump out of the shackles of traditional thinking, innovation ability training mode.

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Even in the face of the transformation of real estate and modularization, the hotel chair furniture industry should constantly innovate and innovate, so as to make the industry work and create a new future in the change.