How to choose hotel chair and decorate?

- Jan 16, 2018-

General hotel sofa booth, is where guests well remember what I ordered, of course, it will has some difference with the hall, lies in its environment and facilities to the above all is better than that of the outside and some to the whole.

The waiter will remember to see the table there and serve it.

Hotel booth similar box, general distribution on either side of the hall, surrounded by half structure. A place inside with a sofa and a few, usually a restaurant booth quieter, environment is graceful, the consumer groups is more, and there are minimum standards.

Clean the sofa once a year with a cleanser, but it must be thoroughly washed out afterwards, otherwise it will be more susceptible to dirt.

Furniture manufacturer recommends that you choose the special cleaner that contains antifouling agent.

The cloth art sofa that protects a jacket can be cleaned commonly.

The elastic sleeve may be washed in the home washing machine, the larger cotton or linen sheath can be taken to the laundry service.

When ironing the jacket, it should be noted that some elastic sleeves are easy to dry and avoid ironing. Even if you want to iron, you should consider the appearance of the cloth. Therefore, the inside of the ironing sheath is suitable, and the cotton sheath should not be ironed.

Hotel chair furniture decoration design is very important, so in choosing a hotel meal tables and chairs and other furniture also has a lot of standards, such as how to choose the hotel chair furniture decoration?

1. The corner of the soft furnishings of the guest room is best to be obtuse or rounded, which will not bring harm to the younger and less tall guests.

Room soft decoration furniture should pay attention to fire protection, safety performance;

The room furniture should pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof and environmental protection performance;

The room furniture should also pay attention to wear-resisting, anti-scratch, easy maintenance and other properties;

2. The door of the soft decoration bed shall not be less than 20cm from the toilet, because the attendant needs certain operation space;

The choice of bedside lamp should be careful, want to prevent glare, also want durable;

3. The room carpet is durable, anti-fouling, even fire, do not use light color or solid color as far as possible, nowadays, a lot of business type hotel rooms is compound wood floor on the ground, both functional and health, and sweet and comfortable;

4. The orbit of the curtain must choose durable materials, shading should choose thicker, curtain creases to appropriate, and can choose water material, if only dry cleaning, operating costs will increase, not worth the cost;

The TV has a rotatable turntable.

The design of the socket should consider the charging use of the mobile phone, which is neglected by many hotel room design.

Current more popular room light control is each press new control, or large panel control, and less use the previous touch button.

6. Soft outfit design often is not valued, baggage in the baggage of machine many hotel rooms for wood paint was hit on the side of uneven, if this luggage sets its soft package part finally can by plane to the elevation, and the thickness of 50 cm, can prevent collision of the case, also can use mobile rack, must complete the design of the collision, but the wall some hotels anti-collision board is 18 mm thick glass, new character, and practical.

Still can use wear-resisting board type soft adornment furniture, wear-resisting, fight scratch.