How to Choose Plastic Folding Chairs

- Aug 20, 2018-

Purchase Tips for Plastic Folding Chairs:

1. Pay attention to welding: if the folding chair is a steel frame structure, pay attention to smooth welding, no gap, and the coating should look uniform and soft.

2. Pay attention to the thickness of the steel pipe: if the folding chair is an aluminum pipe, the thickness of the steel pipe is about 1.2 mm, without impurities.

3. Pay attention to firmness: depending on the overall quality of the frame, you can shake the product around shake with both hands, and make sure the frame is good

4. Pay attention to the quality of the bag cloth: the leather can be squeezed with two fingertips to pull up a place, strong hand feeling, recovery is the best

5. Try to sit: try to sit in person to understand its comfort level, change each Angle, and buy after it is confirmed.