How to do a functional test on a chair?

- Jun 05, 2018-

Functional test:

1.If you sit down, can you use it.
2.Is it rocking when you sit up?
3. Whether there is any noise after sitting.
4. Whether the color will drop on the chair, that is, sit on it, rub the color on the chair back and forth, whether it will stick to the clothes
5.When water is spilled on the chair, will it lose color when you wipe it with cloth or paper?.Can you clean it?

6.Can you feel like you are collapsing when you sit on it?
7.Does it make a noise when you leave your chair?
8. Does the chair hang easily to the clothes?
9. Can you lean on the back of a chair, make a noise, or shake it?
10.Chairs can be easily cleaned if they are dirty.
11.Is it for one person only

metal chairs

Performance test:

1.How much weight can the chair bear without making any noise? How much weight can withstand without being crushed.
2.Is the chair afraid of water
3.Is the chair afraid of fire
4. Can the chair sway under heavy weight and hold for a long time?
5. The back of the chair, leaning back forcefully to test the backward endurance of the back of the chair.