How to set up the dining room chair to meet the needs of customers?

- Jan 23, 2018-

With the continuous improvement of living standard, people for dinner place to higher and higher, in the restaurant, the restaurant setting and display is very important, because it is directly affect people's dining mood, so the restaurant chairs should be placed to meet the needs of the customers?

One: set up a few individual tables appropriately.


The main reason for setting up a table in a restaurant is that many people are often embarrassed by strangers on the other side of the table.

Setting up a single table can better solve this customer's needs.

2: set the table for 2 ~ 4 people.

The general dining room table and chair are 2 ~ 4 people, because this kind of dining table chair is the most practical, so not only can satisfy most customer's demand, also is the restaurant's most economical plan.

3: set up the private room.

In fact, the profit in the restaurant is not based solely on the number of diners, but on the level of the consumers.

To improve the overall profit of the restaurant, it is undoubtedly a good form.

For the dining environment, the private room will provide a relatively closed and private space environment for customers, so as to avoid the interference of the outside world.

Most of the guests dining in the room are all don't like to be disturbed, and small space also have certain requirements for the service level, and can extend the guests dining time, so can also increase the cost of a meal, this business is extremely beneficial to owner.

The design of the rooms must conform to the design style of the restaurant, which will make the dining room more harmonious.

4: large round tables are set in large restaurants.

In the general large restaurant, the form of table is usually big round table, and this kind of table is aimed at group dining design mainly.

Restaurant menus are complex, soup rice dish meal time is very long, also served time may last an hour, the dinner guests will need more time to chat.