Is there really a timeless design, which is generally accepted but what are the same features?

- Feb 23, 2018-

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Great design is timeless is just a kind of rhetoric or occasionally as a feeling, is not, or to uphold the tenet of rhetoric means a word, "I don't want to say, a Great design is timeless."

If you want to say, this sentence in the "design" (design), what refers to is the items, the functional sex of the items, the image of the item, has created the image of, in your personal cognitive system established image, blinded by the books media and image, therefore, to construct on the designer's intelligence, items on the designer's signature...

Or, "I don't want to talk about it, it means everything."

Maybe we say, paper clips, chopsticks, bowls, etc., things that seem to be unreinvented, those that seem to have touched the core of Archetype, can be called "good design time"?

The problem is that these things, like standardised objects, are no longer possible to say "good design," because "design" has been squeezed out of them almost by the standard image.

, on the other hand, maybe you feel these things don't change, but specific to an actual items, as the change of science and technology, economy and society, its processing and market circulation, consumed form has been changed, namely it is cognitive to physical image or nonphysical image are always changing.

Those who have already been the classical design of symbolization, when people use "but" good design to praise, is only a kind of symbolic worship, and for most people, the symbol through the layers of parcels, to his need to identify this package is, don't need to layer upon layer opened, then said "good design", however, at this time his "design" refers to what?

Is not to say that is bad for the production of the symbol, to know it's not easy to produce such symbols, needs the breakthrough of the original design, the grasp of the market, the symbol and continuous construction, like the Porsche 911, looking at to say "good design", however, but generations of evolution is how complex, then back to the "good design" really mean?

It's a symbol package.

Only said a product production, such as many have symbolic products accepted by market, such as the brand has a classic products, Thonet No. 14, Tolix, Emeco 1006, etc., are difficult to Cenozoic shake their status, it is because the entire symbol operation system work, rather than design, this part of the system from production to people talking about this item.

If you simply answer this question, the Great design is timeless is meaningless, and I have a discussion in this article, "a new design and construction thinking".

Is it against anyone to say that? No, look at the context.