Li xiaolu's mansion has been exposed, using this metal chair, the house is more beautiful and more home, see the bedroom of xin ye not talk.

- Jan 11, 2018-

Li xiaolu's mansion has been exposed, using this home tolix pink metal chair, the house is more beautiful and more home, 


From the design of the decoration, the whole tonal collocation is soft warm color is hanging, TV setting wall is dark khaki, sofa setting wall is light khaki, before and after the echo, and then through the ground with dark brown texture of marble tile links, the whole environment coordinated and orderly.

In the second season of a reality show, the interior of the mansion has obviously changed, and the TV background wall is obvious.

The sitting room of lu jia, from the Angle of design, integral tone is very downy, TV background wall and sofa are used in light color tone, front and back photograph echo.

Li xiaolu's living room is also quite big, a look decoration is not cheap, but a bit messy feeling.

After some audio online said, li xiaolu from the beginning of 18 years of age in the United States to open small supermarket, piled up as long as the name of li xiaolu, 27, five supermarkets, revenue annual income is one hundred million yuan (us $) calculation, and revealed that li xiaolu has value $mansion in the United States.

The overbearing xin ye, the donut special seat, the sofa still walk is the essence about the modern road of the people.

All the drawing of the living room, although there is a small animal to rob a mirror, a little can't be less than a half cent sweet xin fashionable footstep and natural domicile.

It's nice to have a ceiling fan.

Marble floor, rice white sofa, rice white receive ark, still have darling sweet jasmine.

The floor tile of toilet and wall brick are very build, small bath crock is a bit mini.

From the decoration feng shui Angle of the children's room, the center of the house is the middle school, the center of gravity in the house.

When decorating, must not set the children room in the center of the house, otherwise will let the weight disadjust.

When decorating children's room, should avoid using ground lamp as far as possible.

Actually, from the overall home outfit, whether from decorate craft or material quality aspect, still not bad.

Li xiaolu, the star of the TV screen, has won the golden horse award for best actress at the age of 17. Since then, she has been making frequent TV series, and many of her characters are popular with the public.

Let's see.

In 14 years, her husband, jia nailiang, took her daughter jia yunxin (sweet xin) to "daddy's home" and became a popular figure.

White counts as sofa by wall put, black blue stripe holds a pillow between sofa and metope, also show a kind of special.

It can be seen from the corner of the sitting room, different from the luxurious decoration of other star house, jia nailiang's house, contracted atmosphere.

Beside the sofa was a black piano with a picture frame and several decorations.

The corner of the wall is filled with the toys of yunxin.the whole living room looks a little messy, there is not a few star luxury residential appearance, very earthy, everywhere revealing the warmth of home.

There is a big music video on the white TV cabinet.

On the opposite side of the piano is a european-style antique storage cabinet with an ornate crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

The dining tables and chairs in the dining room are made of teak wood, with a small floral tablecloth on top, and a crystal chandelier on the ceiling just like the living room.

In the picture, there is a european-style idyllic table with two decorations and a picture frame behind him.

On the wall hangs a mirror of European court style.

The bedroom of yunxin (sweet xin) is also very simple, no other children should have princess bed and prince's bed, just a small solid wood bed.

The walls were covered with pink wallpaper that girls liked, and the ground was covered with pink carpets of flowers.

A double chest of drawers is placed beside the bed, and a yellow bedside lamp is placed on the bedside table.

Born in 1981, li xiaolu is three years older than jia, and she was married in July 2012, and she gave birth to sweet jasmine in October of the same year.

In a personal program, we recognize the sweet, high-eq, high-iq, high-iq sweet, which is so cute in both the show and in life.

And the decoration of their home is all exposed in the camera, the mansion in the program is decorated very atmosphere luxurious, and today we will see another set of new mansion.

Online, IT has been revealed smile parents are doing business, engaged in the IT industry are listed companies, but the way from smile and li xiaolu education daughter and who try to act work attitude, is really very good, very positive energy.

As for li xiaolu, I don't need to say more. I believe many people have a better understanding. Her mother, zhang weixin, is also an actress. She is now a businessman, and is said to be worth hundreds of millions.