Maintenance method of metal chair

- Jan 08, 2018-

Although the wind resistance of the iron chair, personalized furniture design anti-aging and insect-resistant, such as superior performance, but if not in the daily life of attention to maintenance, iron chairs, such as the appearance of the gloss will gradually dim.

Therefore, the use of the process, consumers do not use the humidifier around, iron chairs to be placed in dry ventilated place. Do not wipe the surface with a damp cloth during the cleaning process. Lest the chair rust. Do not buy the iron chair for a long time idle, metal chair, and do not forget to regularly clean dust, to prevent rust. Dust when the use of pure cotton cloth, dip the nature of mild detergent, gently wipe.

For the dust of the bulge, the price of the metal chair, can be used soft wool brush along the gap brush off. In addition, as far as possible to prevent the splash on the metal corrosive acid and alkali syrup (such as vinegar, soapy water, soda, etc.) if inadvertently stained, should immediately clean up the dirt, and then wipe with dry cotton cloth. In order to prevent metal rust, can be regularly dipped in cotton cloth with a small amount of rust oil or sewing machine oils to wipe the surface part.

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