Materials of Plastic Chair

- Jul 27, 2018-

Materials of Plastic Chair:

Although plastic chairs are made of plastic, there are different kinds of plastic, which is related to the quality of plastic chairs.The following is a brief description of plastic chair materials.

(1) raw plastic.

This kind of plastic characteristic is cheap, material quality is lightsome, move convenient, but its durable performance is not very good, suit to the consumer that purchase the plastic chair with cheap price.

(2) plastic materials.

The plastic material of plasticchair, compared with the original plastic, is more ductile and of higher quality, and has stronger load-bearing capacity, which is applicable to the indoor and outdoor use.

(3) toughened plastic chairs.

This type plastic chair material is toughened plastic, Its bearing capacity is stronger than former two kinds. It has better pressure, resisting impact ability, durable, but its price is accordingly high.