Metal chair manufacturer explains metal furniture production process

- Feb 01, 2018-

Metal furniture production process.

Metal furniture,

Process flow,

The structural design and manufacture of metal furniture are mainly made of metal furniture called metal furniture.

According to the materials used, can be divided into: all metal furniture (for example: safe, steel bed, kitchen equipment, filing cabinet, etc.);

Metal and wood combined furniture;

Furniture of metal and non-metal (bamboo, plastic) materials.

1) structural features of metal furniture and connection form 1) structural features are divided into two types: fixed, disassembled, folded and inserted.

Fixed: the parts are welded together in the form of welding.

This structure has good force and stability, which is good for modeling design, but the surface treatment is more difficult, occupying a large space and inconvenient to transport.

Disassembly: the product is divided into several large parts, which are connected with bolts, screws and nuts.

Favorable for plating and transportation.

Folding type: can also be divided into the folding type, and the stack type furniture.

Used in tables and chairs.

The folding mechanism is based on the principle of planar connecting rod mechanism.

When stored, it can be folded up, with little space for carrying, storage and transportation.

Easy to use.

Insert type: make with metal tube, insert the outer diameter of the tube into the inner diameter of the pipe, and fasten with the screw.

We can use light metal to cast two - pass, three - pass, four - pass connectors.

2) the connection form of metal furniture in connection form can be divided into: welding, rivet connection and pin connection.

1. Welding: can be divided into gas welding, electric arc welding, energy storage welding.

Good stability and stability, more application in fixed structure.

It is mainly used for parts with large shear force and heavy load.

2. Riveting: mainly used for folding structure or not suitable for welding parts, such as light metal materials.

This type of connection can be assembled after surface treatment of the parts, which will bring convenience to the work.

3. Screw connection: used in disassembly furniture, generally with wide source fasteners, and must be equipped with anti-lock device.

4. Pin connection: the pin is also a kind of universal connector, which is mainly used for parts that are not stressed or have less force, and can be used to locate and help connect.

The diameter of the pin can be properly determined according to the position and material used.

The pin of the positioning function is generally less than two;

The number of pins to be connected to ensure product and stability.

2, 1) fold structure folded move type furniture to fold structure is the use of planar linkage mechanism, application of two or more moving cable, in each of the folding line set up different distances, different number of the fixed point, at the same time, must make a fold the sum of the distance between the fixed point equals the length of the line, so you can fold up, gathering together.

With the increasing of furniture products, new folding furniture and folding methods are applied in furniture design.

2) piled furniture not only saves space, but also facilitates transportation.

The more reasonable the stack of furniture, the number of stacking.

The more.

The stack type home has ark class, desk class, bed class and chair, stool class, but common is chair class.

The particularity of the folded furniture and the space between the foot frame and the back board should be considered.

There are four main methods for cutting the pipe cutting: cutting, sawing, cutting, cutting and cutting.

The machining precision of the parts with metal lathe is high, which is generally used for the machining of the parts with capacitance type energy storage welding.

However, the cutting production efficiency is high, but the punch is easy to produce shrinkage, so the application face is narrower.

2) the bending pipe is generally used as a bracket structure, and the bending process refers to the process of bending the pipe material into circular arc shape with the help of the type wheel on the special machine tool.

The bending tube can be divided into two kinds of processing methods: hot bending and cold bending, and the hot bending is used for pipe wall thickness or solid pipe material, and it is used less in metal furniture.

Bending under normal temperature, pressure forming, pressure and pressure of mechanical pressure, hydraulic pressure and manual pressure bending.

3) the parts must be perforated or punched when the metal parts are joined by screws or rivets.

The drilling tools are generally used in bench drill, vertical drill and hand drill.

The productivity of punching hole is 2 to 3 times higher than that of drilling hole, and the machining scale is more accurate and can simplify the process.

Slot holes are sometimes used in design, and slot holes can be machined out by milling cutters.

4) there are many methods for welding, such as gas welding, electric welding and energy storage welding.

After welding, the steel tube will have a welding tumor and must be removed to smooth the outer surface of the pipe.

5) the surface of surface treatment parts shall be treated with electroplating or coating, and the method of coating shall be sprayed with metallic paint or electrophoresis paint.

6) after the final correction of parts assembly parts, according to the different connection mode, screws, rivets and other assembly are used as products.

Whether the product processing technology is reasonable, whether to use industrial production, and the structural design of furniture is inseparable.

A reasonable structure can greatly simplify the process and increase productivity.

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