metal furniture

- May 16, 2018-

Metal furniture is a metal pipe, plate, or a stick of material as the main structure, such as wood, all kinds of man-made board, furniture made of glass, stone, etc, and completely made of metal materials, wrought iron furniture, generally referred to as metal furniture.

People often say "steel wood furniture" from the professional concept understanding should be metal furniture, steel wood furniture is only a kind of metal furniture.

Metal furniture can build the different atmosphere that the different room in the family needs very well, also can make household style pluralism and more rich contemporary breath.

Metallic furniture advantage characteristic: extremely has individual character elegant demeanour, the color choice is rich, the variety of door type is diverse, have folding function, have aesthetic value, the goods is fine and cheap.

Concepts and materials

Main components of modern metal parts are used in a variety of high-quality thin walled carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipe, steel, metal pipe, glass, all kinds of man-made board, wood, stone, plastic, leather, etc.

Metal materials used in metal furniture, through stamping, forging, casting, molding, bending, welding and other processing techniques can obtain various forms.

The surface treatment and decoration are made by electroplating, spraying, plasticizing and other main processing techniques.

Metal furniture connection usually by welding, screw, pin, and so on a variety of connection mode assembly, modelling.

Metal furniture has a variety of structural forms, such as disassembly, folding, folding, insertion and so on.

When it comes to metal furniture, people immediately think of those cold hard "iron guys".

In fact, these cold hard "iron guys" are moving into our place in a variety of different ways.

Do you know about its strengths and weaknesses?

Advantages of metal furniture.

1. Green environmental protection

The raw material of metal furniture is cold rolled steel plate, from mineral resources smelting, rolling.

As the iron and steel industry the rise of the "green revolution" and "zero" energy consumption to promote the production technology, metal materials from the selection to the production process and eliminated after using, will not bring social resources waste, more not unfriendly influence on ecological environment, is reusable and sustainable development of resources products.

2. Fire, moisture-proof and anti-magnetic.

Fire protection is mainly reflected in metal furniture can withstand fire test, let the loss to the minimum.

The characteristics of moisture-proof are best suited to the south.

In the southern parts of China, as long as the temperature in Celsius between 12 ℃ ~ 14 ℃, relative humidity above 60%, is a hotbed of mold growth paradise and rust, precious paper documents, photos, instrument, expensive drugs, as well as a variety of disk film are likely to be affected with damp be affected with damp.

The moisture resistance of metal furniture can solve people's trouble.

3. Various functions and space saving.

Because of the cold rolled sheet strength is good, after bending process of metal furniture processing can meet the functional requirements of many aspects, multi drawer, many, mobile, and the advantages of simplicity in different product all can do it.

In addition, many kinds of metal furniture have folding function, use not only convenient, still can save space.

The disadvantages of metal furniture.

1. The texture is hard and cold.

Metal furniture raw material is iron, and this kind of cold rolled steel sheet, physical properties determine the steel furniture is hard and cold this characteristic, and the characteristic, and people like the simple sense of warmth has the feeling of the opposite.

As a result, metal furniture is often rejected by many people because of the texture.

2. Loud noise and single tone.

When metal furniture is used, because of the natural element of material, can produce the sound that people do not like very much, in color, metallic furniture originally also has a single tonal only.