Metal furniture manufacturer teach you how to choose metal chair?

- Jan 22, 2018-

The structure of the furniture is stable and stable. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and moth-proofing of metals. It is more popular among consumers than ordinary wood furniture.


But it's not easy to choose a good metal chair.

Metal chair purchase.

1. Pay attention to the appearance of furniture.

The metal furniture in the market generally is two kinds :(1) electroplating chair, to its requirement should be electroplating layer does not bubble, do not have skin, do not show yellow, surface does not scratch;

(2) baking lacquer chair, to ensure that the paint film does not fall off, wrinkle-free, no obvious flow, no bumps, no bumps and scratches.

2. The pipe wall of the steel pipe shall not have cracks, open welding, no obvious wrinkles at the bend, no cutting edges, burrs and corners at the mouth of the pipe.

3. The welding parts between pipe fittings are not allowed to have leakage welding, open welding and virtual soldering, which can not show the defects such as porosity, welding wear and burrs.

4. The riveting of metal parts and steel pipes should be firm and not loose.

The rivet cap should be smooth, flat, without burr, without file.

If a force, as everyone wants to choose and buy metal chair discomfort is a good method, but also must pay attention to the metal chair do not put in the damp corner, should be put in dry and ventilated place, avoid rust.