Metal home shopping guide

- May 16, 2018-

As is known to all, the market of metal furniture market is mixed, the quality is uneven, to all the people who buy metal furniture to bring inconvenience.

So how do we buy the real quality metal furniture?

It is recommended that you focus on the following aspects:

1. Wall thickness: good metal furniture wall thickness is 1.2-2.5mm, and the bargain is likely to be 0.5-1.0mm thick iron pipe;

A good table rack is supported by a 4mm high quality triangle, which is poor. It can be welded with a thin sheet metal tube and connected to the leg.

See, the quality triangle is 16 jin, the difference of the iron frame is 2 jin weight, this is the difference, big price difference, big quality difference, big quality difference.

2. Welding: all welded joints of good metal furniture are polished and polished, and then electrostatic spraying, and the bargain is impossible to spend the artificial to give you the polishing.

Normal product: after 3, spraying to degreasing, pickling, phosphating, rinse, dust, powder spraying, drying, cooling, packaging, and many other processes to produce a good quality table.

The bargain, they are simple: sand blasting, powder spraying and drying is solved, because no such product is processed, time grew, from wall rust outside introversion, more manufacturers are simple, direct brush black paint to dry on the line.