Metal mixing furniture is very popular

- Feb 25, 2018-






Furniture design always pursues comfortable, recreational, so the material such as skin, cloth, solid wood becomes the first choice that furniture chooses material.

Cold, sharp metal, long ago excluded from the selection.

However, this year's furniture new product is big reverse its way, the mix of metal with other material, "outside cold heart heat" design does not reduce comfortable foundation, in product appearance also have many new originality.

A wide variety of styles

The blade is between Chinese style and modern style.

Though is such a kind of metal material in the modern sense, but to make the metal change into a variety of different styles of furniture also is not impossible, to make this possible, is the designers think of opportunely.

Chinese: traditional elements add charm.

The use of metal to represent the Chinese style, seems difficult to achieve, but has another flavor.

For example this year guangzhou furniture fair in noble launch "dragon" series of products, with the scales of ancient Chinese bride headdress lines for inspiration, in the form of superposition of patches of scales as the round-backed armchair back of a chair.

The strict production of metallic texture makes these "fish scales" look more dignified and solemn, which has both a heavy cultural atmosphere and a typical example of modern materials.

Another chair of "teacher" to the traditional official cap chair as the prototype, the chair as if being stretched and become elegant clever, plus a minimalist line draw the outline of appearance, the colour and lustre of slender golden shine and moving, the new interpretation of the connotation of traditional furniture, resulting in the sublimation cultural elements.

Modern: contracted line modelling is chic.

Metal furniture in modern style furniture has more embodiment, even so, some metallic element is reflected in modern furniture very special.

Such as a maple birch leaves in the shape of deck chair, only metal line draw the outline of the shape of the leaves of white, brown elastic ribbons, meanwhile, is tie-in a comfortable pillows, let chair appears lightsome and creative.

Purena's modern lighting is also a minimalist, but it's more about the future of technology than a leaf deck-chair.

For example, one of the lights is cut in the shape of heavy geometry, and the red surface makes the metal lamp more sculptural.

Recommended reason: 1. The Bora Bora tea table dark grey metal frame collocation of black and white gradient shell Mosaic, harmonious color, sharp color makes tea table, looks very delicate, very suitable for cool feels dye-in-the-wood the neoclassical style.

2. The Helios droplight

The reason of the reason: the stereo droplight that consists of circle and line, bulb is in the center of each concentric circle, resemble a row galaxy, contracted line also let this droplight have design feeling more.

Table 3. The Silence

Recommend reason: also be two kinds of hard and cold material, the metallic foot of yellow copper color goes with white marble desktop, make this kind of desk appears noble atmosphere.

4. Leaf lounge chair

The reason: the shape of the leaf is outlined with the metal line, the metal material makes the chair have enough bearing capacity.

The aid of cloth winding and cushion, make this kind of deck chair more comfortable.

5. Hollow chair

Recommend reason: this hollow metal chair puts on milk white and light green jacket, light, chic appearance, make this chair full of child interest.

6. Basse tea table

Recommendation: cane made tea table is common, but replace cane with metal but very few exist.

The two ways of pursuing nature and the pursuit of modernization are two in one, and the two opposing ideas collide, making the tea table a little bit more wonderful.

7. Where Sailor stool

The reason for recommendation: thick rope should be very rare in furniture, appear in the adornment of Mediterranean style almost only, match the stool of metal material qualitative material, this kind of mix and match is also very new.

8. Wave table

The reason: the surface of the whole metal is made into a shimmering effect, shimmering silver, and the crossed legs are very elegant.

9. The teacher chairs

Recommended reason: the official cap chair as the prototype of the master chair adopts full metal structure, spindly chair body lightsome and elegant, the metal surface electroplating a layer of gold plating, let chair yi yi is unripe brightness, to made a new interpretation of traditional furniture.

Four side chair 10.

Recommended reason: let this chair is shining golden metal surface plating and moving, appearance similar to the traditional rose chair, and blue chair cushions with a blue rose, the combination of traditional and modern also let this chair don't mind.

11. Cloud dragon

The reason: it is obvious that the chair is the prototype of this chair.

The back part of the "fish scale" inspiration comes from the ancient Chinese New Year's wedding red cover, fine metal work makes this chair more obvious and modern.

12. Origami lamp

Reason: this geometric section of the lamp is made of metal and covered under a red surface.

The cut surface of the three-dimensional sense is like a sculpture with a sense of science and technology, the adornment sex is very strong.