Notes for selection of iron chair

- Jan 22, 2018-

As an important part of the office and the office - iron chair is very important, considering the long time working at his desk, a humanized and rational design of sheet metal chair can make the efficiency get twice the result with half the effort, to eliminate the faint in jobs, but not casually pick the so-called iron chair is famous brand, so will spend money, the choice of metal chair and clothes need to vary from person to person, what should pay attention to the link?

A, leather

The leather material choice of iron chair is more exquisite, because often use, so its air permeability must be good, and wear-resisting, the leather that chooses material and more appropriate.

The leather can be used to feel its elasticity, soft and plump, too soft to fill the skin with the feeling of fatigue.

The starch is evenly distributed, and the skin texture is clear and consistent. There is no mosquito bite mark in the body.

2. Scroll wheel shaft.

Iron chair of the scroll wheel as the pressure parts, quality also directly affects the use of a chair, material to be tough, wear-resisting, it is important to roller skating cannot too flexible, frequently moved too flexible will cause the boss chair, lead to the waist leg overexertion.

3. Height and Angle.

The Angle choice of the height of the iron chair and backrest is very exquisite, generally do the foot can step on the ground more appropriate, the knee joint Angle maintains at 90 to 1 baidu.

The back of the iron chair is close to the part of the waist should have a radian, so after sitting, leaning back 30 degrees the pressure of the waist is the most comfortable.

Iv. Pneumatic support bar.

Control iron chairs increase air pressure and reduce the support bar is particularly important choice, inferior manufacturers because of cost savings in production, the cylinder processing is simpler, not add buffer prevention facilities lead to stress and break through the cylinder caused personal injury accidents occur frequently, when consumer is buying such iron chair, not covet petty gain, select qualified manufacturers