On the purchase and maintenance of metal furniture

- Dec 06, 2017-

1. Coating

Chrome Plating part: The coating should be bright and smooth, gleaming, coating can not blister, can not rust, do not reveal yellow, not scratched.

Titanium Plating Part: Color can not pan white, especially bogey white, other chrome.

Spray part: Coating film without shedding, no pimple, no wrinkle, no rust point, smooth and delicate, moist heavy.

2. Metal pipe and riveted folding parts

Metal tube section: No overlap, cracks, open welding, concave pits, round bends should not have wrinkles, the arc should be sleek and smooth; Welding department can not have virtual welding, leakage welding, welding wear, blowhole, residual wire head, Burr, and must be polished rounded: the surface of the tube wall should be smooth and clean, feel smooth.

Riveting part: should be firmly not loose, rivet round head and surrounding should be smooth without hitting the mark or Burr.

Folding part: Should open relaxed freely, but tight but loose just right. Folding bed, chair, stool, sofa, table, etc. open, four feet should be on the same level.