Panel is a key factor in determining the quality of a chair

- Dec 06, 2017-

The panel is the key factor to determine the quality of the dining room chair, so what are the main points of the dining room chair when making the board face?

First, obey the symmetry principle. A single board on both sides of the symmetrical center plane, regardless of the tree's veneer thickness, the number of layers, manufacturing methods, fiber direction and the water content of the veneer should correspond to each other, that is, the symmetry principle of the plywood center plane on each side of the corresponding layers in different directions of the same stress size, support in the plywood moisture content changes, structure stability, no deformation, cracking and other defects. This is for the food in the dining room chair to eat the process of heat, as well as the use of clean cleaning and so on will cause water changes, affect the restaurant Chair desktop deformation played an important stabilizing effect, to maintain a perfect appearance.

The odd-numbered principle is also a principle that has always been important. Because the structure of plywood is the fiber direction of the adjacent layer veneer, and must conform to the symmetry principle, so its total layer number must be odd. Dining room chairs The maximum horizontal shear stress acting on the center veneer in the bending of the odd-ply plywood makes it have a greater strength. This can be used in the process to support the Board to achieve an ideal long-term service life.