Show you the categories of leisure chairs

- Jan 23, 2018-

The chairs we see in parks and beaches are leisure chairs.

Leisure chair gives people's life to bring infinite comfortable, fashionable home life to enjoy.

The classification of recreational chair also quite a few, with small make up to see to know the classification of recreational chair still quite a lot of.


There are armrest of the back chair, except for the armchairs and chairs, the rest are called armchairs.

Its style and adornment have simple also have complex, often and tea table cooperate complete set, with four chair two a few place on two sides of hall, make symmetrical display.

Massage chair

By massage, it can dredge meridians, gets the blood circulation, to maintain the body balance of Yin and Yang, so after massage can feel the muscles relax, flexible joints, energizing, eliminate fatigue, to maintain a healthy body is important.

The principle of massage chair is to imitate artificial massage, but it is to use mechanical roll power and mechanical force squeeze to undertake massage.

Massage chair can use sway, finger press, knead, knead and other massage technique to undertake deep massage according to the human body curve.

When people sit in a massage chair and enjoy the relaxation of their whole body, it is as if someone is beating their backs and rubbing shoulders.

Swivel chair

The upper part is not very different from the style of the general chair, but there is a kind of rotating shaft called "the only leg" under the seat, so the body can be rotated at will.

The time that swivel chair appears is not too early, it is Chinese furniture to absorb an outside style a kind of sit chair earlier.

Rocking chair

A rocking chair.

"He shook hands with us and sat in a rocking chair."

Cany chair

Bamboo is used to make various kinds of chair frame, rattan skin tangles made of various kinds of chairs.

Accordingly, there are rattan chairs, rattan armchairs, rattan chairs and other varieties.

The cane chair is breathable and elastic, had better choose the chair that has backrest, and put on a footstool, let the leg can be laid flat, prevent lower limb ischemia.

Deck chair

Deck chair to have appeared in the qing dynasty new USES one of the furniture of style and function, at the end of feudal society of China technology and craft constantly improve, people pay more and more attention to quality of life, life appliance classification is more and more thin, furniture also produces some corresponding varieties such as chair.

The deck chair still has a lot of other name, "before bed chair", "warm chair", "easy chair", "spring chair" wait, be the different appellation of the deck chair of a certain style.

The materials used in the modern recliner can be: mahogany, bamboo, cane, aluminum alloy, etc.

Folding chairs

For centuries, folding chairs have been considered one of the most important pieces of furniture and a symbol of social status.

In ancient prose, folding chairs are not only for seating, but also for formal occasions and ceremonies.

Folding chairs were among the most important pieces of furniture in ancient Egypt.

The development of folding chairs began around 2000 ~ 1500 BC, and the first folding chairs were the special seats for military commanders on the battlefield, as well as symbols of power and prestige.

As time goes on, the folding chairs are always a symbol of power.