The customer complained that the owner had changed the menu

- Jan 30, 2018-

Early entrants is take interaction design team, responsible for product team nearly two years, the "requirements" of the receiving party and have had to give party to role-play, want to and you talk about "needs to open the right way".

Every time I discuss relevant issues, I start with a restaurant trial operation.

This case is borrowed, it happened in LAN kwai fong.

A dining hall test operation, the first batch of customers to try to eat, then collect feedback, the user's evaluation of the regular moment.

In contrast, the negative evaluation of the chair is very harsh, which makes the boss very upset, because these chairs are made from the mainland, and the boss likes it very much.

The next day, the boss called to the chef and changed the menu. The chef was puzzled.

No customers say the food is not good?

Why not change the chair and change the menu.

The chef did the same, and the boss asked for the dishes in the new menu. They had to be in other stores.

Chef racking their brains, and finally come up with some ideas, such as "stone ginseng shrimp", hot stone in front of customers, with the red shrimp, ginseng soup poured down, ginseng fragrance and hot slab "Zi Zi" sound together, and the sense of a collective feast.

Then collect feedback, and no client complains that the chair is sitting.

Right or wrong, who's right? I don't know.

My understanding is that it is true that chairs are bad, but as a restaurant, the core issue is the color.

You can see the little noodles in chongqing, and the delicious shops are all sitting on a plastic stool.

So when the boss changed the menu, the chair didn't sit well and no one complained.

So, real demand doesn't mean anything, really can distinguish design result, is the basic demand, how to understand the needs of the surface behind the understanding is actually a process of creation.

You can get the demand, you can get the demand, think about it, go to the bathroom, turn around and look for different latitude and perspective.

Do what you need: replace the chair.

Some enterprises feel that they have a special respect for users. They not only change chairs, but also change designer chairs to pretend bility. The experience design is beyond the expectation of users.

Or you can get the need to go to the bathroom first: change the menu.

Is it at another latitude that you can get rid of restaurants that are busier than chairs?

Here, "go to the toilet first," involves some related concepts of design thinking:

How to understand the problem of the death of the default for deformity problems, how to habit deformity is no correct answer, how to respect the deformity is the problem of higher level, if an answer to the question of using higher level make the efforts of the competitors.

Write in this direction, there are many books to copy, less interesting.

Speak a little bit, get the need, and try to reunderstand it at his last latitude.

Take our team's new product example: Qlippie- a wearable camera.

Years ago after a formal production release is very popular, the first seed users to get the machine, all kinds of needs advice, how to identify, how to understand, especially under the condition of shortage of development resources, how can you give to the user really need in a short time.

"Can Qlippie set long exposure?

This way the user can shoot the aurora at night.

What do you think about this user demand?

First of all, this requirement may actually exist, but again, the real existence of the requirement does not explain what, after all, each project is promoted within a limited resource.

So to get this demand, the students who have taken pictures at night will recall their personal experiences.

I personally use the Canon6D+1.4 large aperture, which can be good in some nighttime scenes.

SONY's micro list with 2.8 biscuits is not enough.

Not to mention the iPhone.

How about long exposures?

Once or twice, the long exposure needs to be taken with a foot frame, which is a special trip to the cloud sea.

So, the problem is that most of the people who take their feet out are not small white users. Most of them will take the SLR, and Qlippie sets the long exposure and the SLR to shoot the aurora together, where our advantage is.

The main selling point of this kind of product is very clear, which is to make three words, will it go with the SLR instead of the aurora?

It's like a vegetable dish, and it's not too important to sit comfortably.

Here take the demand of the aurora, may reflect the actual problem is users and even team, do not know Qlippie main selling point and differentiator. Diverse perspectives and shooting game, sociability, live, each of the above Qlippie characteristics, are better than long exposure such as SLR class needs to be more meaningful.

Before we creative video contest, final winner "feed the cat" is a good example, it can only use Qlippie clap, put a DSLR or mobile phone in the cat bowl, couldn't take the cat to eat.

For example, the previous apple news review of video, which was caught on the billboard with Qlippie, "six degrees of space flash", the police came and ran.

It's an iPhone, too.

These seed users who are good at mining Qlippie's multivariate gameplay will not be concerned about the high level setting requirements of SLR.

It is worth thinking about what we can do to support their creativity and enthusiasm.


The limited space is just one thing:

Demand open the right way is, don't rush to solve first, use empathy to understand the experience, behind the appearance requirements, if there is a more fundamental question can be created, because this question is based on your unique understanding, so you have the opportunity to get the answer in the higher latitudes, let your opponent's efforts to become irrelevant.