The difference between an indoor leisure chair and an outdoor leisure chair.

- Jan 18, 2018-

With the further improvement of people's life, the pace of life in society is accelerating gradually.

Therefore, people's leisure life after busy is becoming more and more important.

The leisure chair is one of the important elements of leisure life.

Now the leisure chair can be divided into the indoor leisure chair and the outdoor leisure chair two kinds.


So what's the difference between these two leisure chairs?

Next, we will bring the differences between indoor leisure chairs and outdoor leisure chairs by jinhui machinery.


A, functionality,

1. Indoor leisure chair: various functions, can be placed in the family or other indoor places, single or multi-person, some leisure chairs also provide bed function;

2. Outdoor leisure chair: single function, mainly located in parks, communities, roadside and other outdoor places.

The use of many people, used for outdoor cool, rest and so on;

Second, the beautiful

1. Indoor leisure chair: visual effect and environment coordination, creative theme of modeling;

2. Outdoor leisure chair: the visual effect is mainly coordinated with outdoor environment, and the natural materials such as wood and hemp are used, which is creative, elegant and approachable, without special luxury.

Three, the practical

1. Indoor leisure chair: sit up comfortably, can sit down, make it relaxed;

2. Outdoor leisure chairs: fire prevention, anti-theft and anti-corrosion, so that people can rest without disturbing each other;

Four, the material

1. Indoor leisure chair: can not use poisonous or harmful materials, easy to clean.

Structural components must be strong and reliable, and no structural problems may occur under normal use.

2. Outdoor leisure chair: can not use toxic or harmful materials, easy to clean.

Due to the particularity of outdoor use, wood used commonly: anticorrosive wood, import kapur, Russian mongolica, plastic material such as wood, the wood has a very strong outdoor anticorrosive effect, and marble or granite need good quality of a material, in case of artificial damage.

Therefore, the steel structure needs to be treated with anti-corrosion, rainwater and man-made damage.

The above content is the difference between indoor recreational chair and outdoor leisure chairs, after a day or after a period of busy work, study, why not put work or study temporarily down to relax?

And recreational chair can bring you infinite comfortable, fashionable household life to enjoy.