The difference between furniture of hotel chair furniture and furniture of civilian chair is analyzed by iron art processing chair manufacturer.

- Jan 11, 2018-

The civil home has the distinct individual color, according to master's preference completely.

Hotel furniture also wants according to the hotel style to decide, although different hotel style is different, but in furniture design all should have the characteristic of elegant and common appreciation.

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Because come to consumption is and the world always different countries guest, so on the details of the furniture design should notice more human, such as: small rounded square bedside table to make it, to prevent the guest accidentally bruising head;

Some power supply control switch as far as possible on the man lying on the bed, stretched out his hand to touch the place, desk or drawer equipped with a power socket, computer cable socket, guest room is neat and clean, guests using safe and convenient;

There are relatively large number of European and American guests in high-star hotels. Most of them are tall, and some of the beds can be raised appropriately, as well as sofa and chairs.

The hotel furniture line demands concise and lively, as far as possible use the concave and convex line, facilitate the attendant clean sanitation;

The civil furniture process is relatively complicated.

Material difference.

The hotel furniture is more damaged than the civilian furniture, the guests have different levels, and the concept of furniture care is not consistent, so the material requirements are very different:

1, hotel furniture, suitable for use with high hardness, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance good veneer furniture, room tea table, desk, etc., guests tend to smoke here, will accidentally burn surface of furniture, design should consider as mesa of fire prevention performance, available with fireproof performance facing material or glass;

Civilian furniture generally does not need to consider this.

Arm-chair fabrics should consider flame retardant, and civilian furniture also does not need to consider for this.

3. The waterproof and moisture-proof property of hotel furniture is good;

And the bathroom of the hotel with guest rooms, mostly affected by the wet towel, steam and seasonal change, will cause the deformation of furniture, sealing side, mildew, etc., affect the furniture appearance, damage the image of the hotel, a direct impact on the hotel occupancy rate;

Civilian furniture is relatively low.

Differences in maintenance

The hotel furniture is relatively difficult to maintain relative to civilian furniture, the owner of civilian furniture loves to cherish own property, use rise to be careful, can be separated from time to be waxed on furniture;

But hotel furniture clean workload big, real wood furniture often waxing is difficult, moreover, such as furniture cleaning not thoroughly before waxing, waxing, can make furniture surface instead of fuzzy resolution is reduced, once after waxing furniture repair damaged difficulty bigger, color, it is difficult to adsorption on the paint, so new hotel furniture as far as possible don't waxing.

However, the furniture of the hotel is made of solid wood solid wood, no paint technology, and after special waterproof treatment, its furniture is fireproof, wear-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof, it needs no waxing and is easy to maintain.

Real wood hotel furniture we suggest to follow the following steps to do the maintenance cleaning, prepare two pieces of cloth, one is dry cleaning cloth, the other is wet cleaning cloth.

(note: the dishcloth must not be too wet, it is better to clean the dry and wet cloth after dehydration, cloth cloth should be used cotton or mercerized towel).

When cleaning, wipe off dust with dry cleaning cloth. If there is a stain, wipe it with dry wet cloth. If it is not clean, it can be dipped in water-soluble detergent.

Real wood furniture is used long, if lose the light phenomenon can consider waxing: with dry cloth to wipe, cotton and linen cloth after cleaning the dust on the surface of the furniture to furniture wax, wax or dust will cause spots, scratches.

General spray wax, water wax is ok, but must not use car wax, want to be from point to face when waxing, from shallow to deep, gradually deep, must be wiped, polish up.

And the furniture of the beautiful board type hotel, just use clean cotton hemp cloth to wipe clean can, for difficult to clean can use wet towel to dip a few dishwashing clean essence to wipe, then use dry towel dry can.