The former AC milan genius has been involved in a brawl in a bar with a chair hitting his teammates

- Jan 30, 2018-

Former AC milan player pasquel foggia, who has joined cagliari this season, has been a key player in the squad and has been selected by the Italian national team for several times.

But before inter milan, the cagliari club announced an astonishing decision: foggia was expelled from the game.


Marchionne has complained to the club about the situation and is ready to go to law.

However, since marcini was just a bench player, and foggia played a big role in the team, the club was initially at the centre of the midfield, trying to make things small and small.

But due to the fans and the pressure of public opinion, cagliari today or make a decision in foggia "take a break", coach sonne says: "foggia has not been named on the list this round, this is the club's decision.

We gave him two days off and he will resume training next Tuesday.