The hotel chair manufacturer tells you the importance of service.

- Jan 10, 2018-

Hotel management is very difficult, the scale of hotel in the early stage of the investment is very big, such as the site location, find the right supplier, capital allocation, decorate a design, customized hotel desk and chair, purchase materials, hire employees, service training, advertising, regulatory sequence need to improve before, and so on.

However, after the normal operation, we should focus on the daily sales, and the continuous improvement and improvement of the hotel's service level and the hotel's dishes, which is very important for a hotel.

Customer first, without customers, the service industry will not be able to move.

Since it belongs to the service industry, the service is very important, so let me share with you some experience of our hotel chair manufacturers.


Hotel service is divided into two parts, one is material and the other is behavioral.

There's a lot of material, like it's raining outside, you go to a hotel, you don't even have a place to put your umbrella, how do you feel about this hotel?

What would you feel if you went to a hotel to eat and found no paper towels or toothpicks and needed to pay for it yourself?

Even more ridiculous is, go to the hotel to eat, the rice bowl that USES is to receive money, the tea water that drink also wants to collect money additionally, such hotel service, after the first time, you still can go?

This aspect of material services relatively, investment is relatively small, and good service for customers, make consumers to eat more at ease, give consumers a good impression is very important.

On the behavior service, generally speaking, when the customer enters the door to say a welcome to the customer, the consumer will immediately have a feeling of being valued, and will have a favorable impression of the hotel.

And full of ask customers to order, the customer see the menu, in the process you can pour tea to customers, when customers have a problem, you will answer patiently, when customers pay leave with customer say: you walk slowly, welcome to you next time, it seems very simple, but hold the already a long time of practice is not easy, in fact, now many hotels are not put this on the one hand pays special attention to, is the nature of the service industry, the customer is supreme, all take the customer as the center, good services to our clients and then will bring better turnover to the hotel.