The hotel metal chair manufacturer's design of hotel furniture

- Mar 14, 2018-

Furniture matching design and layout is the important content of modern hotel interior design, has important influence to indoor environment.

With the development of social economy and the improvement of aesthetic level, people's design requirements for hotel furniture are also increasing.

There are many kinds of hotel furniture.

According to the functional zoning of the hotel, the furniture of the public area is provided for guests to rest, including sofa, seat, tea table, etc.

Dining part of the home has table, dining chair, bar, coffee table and chair;

The home of the guest room part has the bed, bedside table, sofa, tea table, desk, chair, store the wall ark of article.

The larger the high-end hotel, the more furniture types that assume social function, the function of economical hotel is simpler, and the furniture category is relatively reduced.

Hotel furniture design has two meanings:

One is its practicality and comfort.

In interior design, furniture is closely related to people's various activities, and it is necessary to reflect the concept of "people-oriented".

The second is its adornment.

Furniture is the main role that reflects indoor atmosphere and artistic effect.

Good furniture not only makes a person feel convenient and comfortable, still can give a person with aesthetic pleasure and pleasure.

Someone compare good furniture design to eggs, because eggs no matter from which Angle to look at is a whole, both pure and rich change, namely, concise and rich aesthetic feeling, let a person to be in a good mood and be clear at a glance.

As early as the beginning of the 20th century, the German "Bauhaus" put forward the concept of modern furniture design, functional and practical, on the basis of human body engineering, emphasizes the industrialized production, give full play to clean and easy, abandon the redundant adornment, easy to adjust the portfolio so as to adapt to different requirements.