The metal family has six advantages

- Jan 17, 2018-

People often say "steel wood furniture", from the professional concept understanding should be metal furniture, but steel wood furniture is a kind of metal furniture only, the scope of metal furniture is much more extensive.


With metal pipe, plate, or a stick of material as the main structure, such as wood, all kinds of man-made board, furniture made of glass, stone, etc, and completely made of metal materials, wrought iron furniture, generally referred to as metal furniture.

The metal family has six advantages:

Very personal style.

The main components of modern metal furniture are made of high-quality thin-walled carbon steel tubes or aluminum tubes with thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm.

Because thin-walled metal toughness, good ductility, the design can according to the designer's artistic originality, give full play to the imagination, processed into a variety of beautiful curve varied, arc shape and style.

Artistic appeal of metal main frame with real wood and man-made board, cloth, stone, glass and other parts or accessories clever collocation, all exhibit various, ten thousand kind of charm, is invigorating.

Many metal furniture form is unique, the style is avant-garde, show extremely strong individuation elegant demeanor, these often are woodiness furniture is incomparable and match.

Colorful selection

The surface coating of metal furniture can be said to be colorful, can be a variety of beautiful colors of polyurethane powder spraying, can also be the light can be a person's chrome plated;

Can be crystal bright, elegant and elegant vacuum nitride titanium or carbonized titanium coating film, can also be titanium and powder spray two kinds of color contrast enhancement of the perfect combination.

At present, the gold plating and the black gold plating process that is popular in the world, the grade and grade of metal furniture is pushed to a very high state.

Metal furniture set USES function and esthetic function in one body, some high grade of extreme goods have collect value.

There are a variety of categories.

The door type of metal furniture and breed are very rich, suit to use in the bedroom, sitting room, dining-room the furniture that use is complete.

These metal furniture can build the different atmosphere that the different room in the family is needed very well, also can make household style pluralism and more rich contemporary breath.

Folding function

Many varieties of metal furniture have folding function, not only use it is convenient, still can save space, make the family living environment of limited area is relatively loose, comfortable a few.

Aesthetic value

Nearly two years in the domestic budding, wrought iron furniture combines Chinese and western classical charm in seemingly straightforward style, elegant simplicity does not lose the modern breath, artistic appreciation value and aesthetic value, for the current furniture market added a unique scenery.

Good quality and good price

Metal furniture price is to the low number of wooden furniture, solid wood for the income but intoxicated with the family is decorated must light witty and creative people and income is not rich, but pay attention to economical and aesthetic feeling of home, all is good and inexpensive.