The purchase and maintenance of metal furniture

- Jan 23, 2018-

Metallic furniture advantage characteristic: extremely has individual character elegant demeanour, the color choice is rich, the variety of door type is diverse, have folding function, have aesthetic value, the goods is fine and cheap.

Purchase of metal furniture:

1. The coating

Chromium-plated part: the coating should be bright and smooth, the light can be used as a mirror, the coating cannot be blister, it can't rust, it must not be yellow, it must not scratch.

Titanium coating: color can not be white, especially white, other with chromium plating.

Spray plastic part: no peeling, no knot, no wrinkle, no rust, smooth and fine, moist and solid.

2. Metal pipe and riveted folding parts.

Metal tube part: do not have seam, crack, open welding, pit;

There should be no creases in the corner, and the arc should be smooth and smooth.

The welding joints shall not have virtual welding, leakage welding, welding, stoma, residual welding head, burr, and should be polished round: the surface of the pipe should be smooth and smooth, and feel smooth.

Riveting part: should be firm not loose, rivet round head and periphery should be smooth without drop mark or burr.

Fold: it should be easy and easy, but tight but just right.

Folding bed, chair, stool, sofa, table when open, four feet should be on the same level surface.

Maintenance of metal furniture:

1. Chrome plated furniture

Aluminized furniture should not be put in damp place, otherwise easy to rust, even cause the coating to fall off.

The chrome-plated film, such as the appearance of tan net, is often wiped with neutral oil and can be prevented from spreading.

If have rusting place, can use cotton silk or wool brush dip oil to besmear in the rust place, after a few minutes to wipe again, until the rusting is cleared up, do not use sandpaper to burnish.

The chromium-plated furniture that is not used at ordinary times can be coated with a layer of rust inhibitor on chrome-plated layer, put in dry place.

2. Titanium plated furniture

True high-quality titanium plated furniture will not rust, but it is better to contact with water less, often wipe with dry cotton or fine cloth to keep bright and beautiful.

3. Spray furniture

Spray plastic furniture if appear besmirch, usable wet cotton cloth is wiped clean and then use dry cotton cloth to dry, notice do not retain moisture.

The main points to be paid attention to in use: no matter what kind of metal furniture that is painted, use light to remove when moving, avoid to bump;

Avoid touching hard metal parts such as fruit knives and keys to avoid scratches.

When folding, don't overdo it and make sure the fold is not damaged.

In fact, the material of summer furniture is most common still have lumber, iron plastic, cane, bamboo.

The furniture of wood is needless to say, everybody is very familiar;

The iron furniture not only has the cool and refreshing effect on the visual, the feeling also feels ice cold, really is summer's best feeling;

Cane bamboo furniture is fresh and natural, simple and elegant, cool and pleasant, most suitable for summer use.