What's the structure of the chair?

- May 21, 2018-

The structure of the chair:

1. The framework: the real wood chair support structure by the front legs hind legs sheathing Angle and gear up five basic parts, these parts the connection between the general combining using mortise and tenon joint combination or fitting.The common tenon has a right Angle mortise and tenon, and some use screws to connect the plug Angle and the watch plate.

2. The front leg: eat chair front legs generally adopts the structure of rectilinear, square or circular cross section is usually geometry, sometimes in order to make the chair more beautiful, also can shoulder to make curve shape, usually bend forward.

Hind leg: the upper and lower part of the back leg of the dining chair is generally tilted back to make sure the seat is comfortable.

Watch board: the dining chair panel is the part that is used to connect the seat panel at the bottom of the panel. In a single piece of furniture, the watch plate is usually made up of four pieces.

5. Plug Angle: in order to increase the strength of the furniture structure, the plug Angle is generally used for the connection between the watch plate and the watch plate.Plug horns can be made of wood or metal fittings.When using a connector, it is usually connected to the leg of the dining chair in addition to the watch plate.

6. Documents: in order to increase the strength and stability of the eat chair stool, need to set up between the legs and pull, pull files before and after the general high, low gear, on both sides and pull file positive size less than the sheathing of the chairs, to ensure that the beautiful.