The wenzhou bar singer appeared in a song taste to sing a small red chair

- Jan 30, 2018-

Wenzhou singer "taste" made a sound.


Commercial daily news (reporter's poem XiaoPing) on Friday in the second quarter of the second set, "Chinese good voice" Raymond from hubei Yellowstone players with a rock version of the "taste" conquered three mentor, and successfully to join na ying's team.

The player, as well as an identity, is the lead singer of a bar in our city.

On Friday, hou lei, who had just returned from a record show in Shanghai, accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from the business newspaper to chat about the story behind the scenes.

He wrote to na ying and sun nan.

In the show, hou lei won na ying, harlin and wang feng with a song "taste", and zhang huimei, who did not turn around, highly commented that "it is my regret not to turn around".

Hou eventually chose to join the team.

Mr. Hou, who has a long history with him, wrote "your smile," which Mr. Hou wrote to his estranged girlfriend in 2009, was included in the new album.

Because of the love, this song has touched a lot of people, na ying is more in recording time to sing a cry.

In addition to "your smile" earned by na ying, he wrote "maybe in" and "we all need" by sun nan's album income.

It's the parents' idea to join the sound.

"It was the parents' idea to join the" good voice, "Mr. Hou said.

"One day I was working in a bar when my dad called and asked me to sign up."

Mr. Hou said he was a "rebellious" kid, who studied science and engineering, dropped out of college in his sophomore year, and devoted all his energy to music and the band.

"I've been playing music for 10 years, and my parents can only support me from the opposition, and I hope I can walk more smoothly on music."

Half a million demos, to stand out from it, it's not easy to grab the director's ear.

Mr. Hou was lucky compared to the grassroots singers who struggled on the streets.

A friend who took part in a "good voice" last year recommended his voice to the program director.

In march, he suddenly got a call from the director, who said, "your voice is good."

The initial group wanted hou to go in the direction of jin zhiwen, but he thought it was enough.

The future will remain warm.

Now I just want to go home and walk the dog.

After talking about the game, hou lei looks very calm. "take a step, take one step."

For the future, Mr. Hou said he would stay in wenzhou, laughing, "I've been paying rent for a year."

He is now a shareholder in the bar.

His biggest dream is to make his own album and let more people know that there is a "good voice" called hou lei.

According to the competition process, hou lei then entered the group PK, which was chosen by na ying.

'it's time for the holidays,' Mr. Hou said. 'just eat, sleep, walk the dog and be prepared for the war.'

Before the interview with wenzhou business daily, Mr. Hou had received four groups of reporters and three interviews in the evening.

In the face of a sudden high exposure, hou said he only wanted to do a good job of music, and the only thing he wanted to do was walk the dog.