Use classification of dining chair

- Jan 25, 2018-

According to the purpose of the dining chair: middle dining chair, west dining chair, coffee chair, bar chair.

The Chinese dining chair of Chinese dining chair basically gathers the various characteristics of furniture, they can color bright, also can deep inside collect.

Can be contracted, also can delicate.


The Chinese style dining chair is the representative of typical Chinese style furniture carefully selected.

West dining chair western-style eat chair variety, retro modern, has contracted with luxury, materials and diverse, pure solid wood, wood, leather, wrought iron is common, flexible style changes, can adapt to all kinds of styles of decoration.

Coffee chair coffee chair gives you unlimited comfortable, fashionable life to enjoy.


Concise and lively lines give full play to the connotation of human nature.

Peaceful to the far, quiet and fragrant, warm and fragrant, enjoy the fashion, like a lyric poem.

In leisure, there is always an endless aftertaste...

The shape of the chair is similar to that of an ordinary chair, but the seat is higher than the ground, and usually the seat face is 650-900mm from the ground.

The chair has modern sense and the sense of metal, can rotate 360 degrees generally.