What are the chairs in the market now?

- Feb 26, 2018-

Now market chair according to the material can be divided into: solid wood chair, steel chair, curved wooden chair, aluminum chair, metal chair, chair of cany chair, plastic chairs, glass fiber reinforced plastic, acrylic chair, plate baby chairs, wooden chair, chair and round-backed armchair, etc.;

The function can be divided into middle dining chair, west dining chair, coffee chair, quick dining chair, bar chair, office chair and so on.

Each chair with different function plays its different role in space.

Selection of chairs:

The chair has a very strong practicability, in each room will appear, its main function is to make people rest, so its comfort is the main criterion that measures a chair.

Most people choose double chair commonly, choose comfortable sex strong, this kind of chair in the bedroom use, can lie can lie down, also can wear clothes, can a multi-purpose content, also can put in the living room, using different colors create a leisure good mood.

When choosing a double chair, there are two considerations: function and material.

In function the double chair can satisfy two or three people's demand, specific according to the number of bedroom family member and decide.

The common materials are cloth and leather.

The fabric is easy to be cleaned and replaced, and can be replaced by seasonal changes.

The leather chair can be distinguished, but it is not suitable for summer.

The use of single chair to the space USES more area big person chair, sofa is more mutability.

The individual chair because of its circle back modelling is different, in the use of space also have different function use, if use properly can show host's character, can not be able to be self-clumsy;

High back single chair, suitable for home use, can convey a casual, relaxed home atmosphere;

Streamline modelling, color contrast is intense, have strong visual aesthetic feeling chair, suit single noble or studio very much;

Personal style strong recreational chair, reclining chair, rocking chair, suit to put in the space a corner or balcony, as the conversion station of mood.