What are the main materials for outdoor chairs?

- Feb 26, 2018-

Commonly used outdoor chair real wood chair: the search USES the preservative to infiltrate and solidify lumber to make the wood has the wood that prevents rot fungus to decay function, biological attack function.

The characteristic of anticorrosive wood is easy to be processed, and it is of course cost-effective from raw materials, making it convenient for processing. Therefore, it is not only in the outdoor leisure chair industry.

Faults are quite obvious, anticorrosive wood easy to turn black, look very old. So to users is wood oil (outdoor wood special spray paint), use the color of the paint to cover the original uneven color of the surface of the problem. So, use the anticorrosive wood makes the recreational chair, cheap. But used in outdoor, the wind and rain for a long time will become black hair old. Another common outdoor wood chair: Russia ZhangZi tree -- mongolica arborescence, texture, straight after anti-corrosion treatment, can effectively prevent mold, termites, microbial invasion decay, can effectively inhibit processing changes of wood moisture content, reduce the degree of cracking of lumber, the timber life extension to 40 to 50 years.

The Russian camphor pine is like anticorrosive wood, characteristic all is easy to process, and the grain is exquisite, if use colorless outdoor special paint, can achieve beautiful and practical wood.

On the downside, it should be said that there are not too many shortcomings.

For outdoor leisure chairs, just pay attention to man-made damage.

Outdoor chair, plastic wood, plastic wood, also known as "wood plastic composite", as the name suggests can be understood as the main plastic as raw material, a kind of material to replace wood, it is made of plastic and wood chips made according to the similar to the proportion of 1:1.

Its application can save a lot of natural lumber, is conducive to protect the ecological environment, because of the natural fiber ingredients, plastic is not the better resistance to UV (ultraviolet) performance and lower heat bilges cold shrink performance, and easy machining like wood.

As an environment-friendly new material, plastic wood composites have been paid more attention.

Plastic wood is also called the green plastic wood, not natural materials, but made of plastic and wood pulp mixing a new type of material, using the mold forming, so the production process is not restricted by the source material of wood, can free play to creativity by the designer, it is worth noting that the final environmental protection plastic wood, it is by square tube outsourcing plastic wood material, is the most upscale plastic wood way at the moment.

In addition, the use of the main material is plastic, so the use of trees is relatively reduced, and the use of plastic in the outdoor use of the basic non-perishable phenomenon, with fire burning.

Plastic wood material made of plastic wood outdoor leisure chair is very popular in use.

When it comes to shortcomings, it is a high price and the cost becomes the threshold for the promotion of such materials.

Therefore, it is used in high-end residential areas.

The other is that the strength of the wood is less than the wood, if you use the last plastic wood profile to solve the problem perfectly.

The surface of the outdoor steel chair is treated with the special anti-rust wear resistant and anti-rust treatment, such as sanding and spraying zinc and anti-ultraviolet outdoor powder.

The rust-proof period can last up to five years.

Leisure and comfortable, economical and durable, very suitable for outdoor use.