What are the obvious characteristics of the western restaurant in the hotel chair?

- Mar 14, 2018-

So maybe each restaurant tables and chairs should have its own design style and language, or is each different restaurants are need a contentment eat desk and chair for extension of atmosphere, this can be in Chinese and western restaurant furniture to describe the differences between them, the neutral view home has what characteristics and can learn Chinese and western restaurant.

Western restaurant overall decoration is very attention to atmosphere, but limited to contracted, in the western restaurant, simple and practical is the one that they value most, second just value atmosphere to build.

So what are the characteristics of western restaurant tables and chairs?

First is big, this is with reference to the United States as an example, the American people like bold rough furniture as a dining room set, for booth, the booth of sit is 550 cm - 550 cm deep and even more, but at home it is ok to be 450 cm.

The height of the sofa is also very big, the country achieves 1000 centimeters, and the United States generally wants 1200 centimeters above.

Secondly this booth is customized, customized are generally choose fire series, tables and chairs them yes, the size of the table is to be 1300 long and 80 wide, from these details can see out, its the biggest characteristic is bulky, these are all according to actual condition to decide, because westerners body bones are large.


In some domestic dining room is most is solid wood and marble tables and chairs as more regular and common material, hot pot table is to use one of the most frequently, so many shops at home, but most of the majority with real wood and marble, their size is much smaller than normal, compact space is limited, so at home is that will be enough, not too many constraints.

Also influenced by western culture, the table and chairs of western restaurants are constantly increasing and changing.