What is the core of custom hotel chair furniture?

- Jan 08, 2018-

The core part of custom hotel metal chair is the drawing deepening: it is possible to produce the furniture with reasonable structure and reasonable proportion.

Because whether it is a custom hotel metal chair hotel furniture or other project have such characteristics, style variety, quantity, material more or less complex, technology diversification and the limitation of site conditions lead to special installation requirements, etc.

The construction of the hotel metal chair of 5 million may involve a thousand categories of furniture, dozens of wood, plates and fabrics.

If the drawings are not in place or if the statistics are not correct, there will be a lot of problems with the completion of the hotel or the project.

So how do we solve that?

The proportion of hotel furniture decomposition is not suitable, the designer's design concept and requirements are not met;

The statistics are not in place, resulting in the chaos of the scene, the quantity is not enough, there will be no place to put;

Incorrect or collocations of materials can lead to inadequate results or significant economic losses from rework.

Shanghai hotel furniture after years of development, has grown into a collection of five-star hotel furniture, hardcover luxury furniture, decoration design and integration of professional furniture group, to become China and even Asia one of the most famous and influential furniture manufacturers.

As a leading enterprise in Chinese furniture industry, it is leading the development trend of furniture industry in China.

We have formed some key points of control, which are gateways.

1. After the completion of the project, the project team must meet to review the production process, the communication process and the quality of the furniture, and implement the continuous improvement of quality.

2. Each project will automatically form a project team, from documentary, production, inspection to document, facilitate information feedback and emergency quality event handling.

3. The drawings are deepened by three layers of audit, the designer self-check, the director of technical quality audits, and the project manager approves the ability to reach the production workshop.

4. Before the production of each piece of furniture, the design department shall print a set of drawings for the drawings and the requirements for the interpretation drawings and materials of the production department.

5. Each project shall form a corresponding folder, unified management of each project's furniture and site drawings, and the next issue, change and archiving shall be managed by the special person.