What is the general height of chairs?

- Aug 11, 2018-

The general height of chairs:

A chair is a necessary household item, the main function is for people to sit down and rest.The material of stool and design are various, so how much is the height of general chair?

If the height of the chair is too high, the pressure of the body will spread to the thigh, causing the inner part of the thigh to be under pressure, which will cause the lower part to swell.If the height of the chair is too low, the knee arched and uncomfortable.Accordingly, when choosing chair, want to value the material of chair and design not only, the height problem that notices chair even.

When feet is flat put in the ground, big crus should become 90 degrees natural bend, it is more ideal chair.The height of the seat should be able to spread the pressure on the legs and keep the blood circulation smooth. The average height of the seat can be adjusted to 40 to 42 centimeters for men and 38 to 40 centimeters for women.

As for the height of table and chair, the national standard has already stipulated, and the marking unit used for calculation is set as mm. According to the standard, the height of seat surface of chair and stool furniture can be 400mm, 420mm and 440mm.Table furniture can be of four sizes: 700mm, 720mm, 740mm and 760mm.In addition, the standard size of table and chair is specified. The height difference between table and chair should be controlled within 280-320mm.

The above content is only for reference, consumers can choose according to their own needs.