What is the safest outdoor leisure chair in the open air?

- Jan 18, 2018-

Of course, the shorter, the back - backed leisure chair is best for the elderly.

When you are old, sit up and be careful, or you may get hurt.

Professor Yang li, of the Chinese academy of Chinese medical sciences, said that for the elderly, sitting may be longer than lying down, so it is especially important to have a comfortable, flexible and suitable leisure chair.Image result for outdoor tolix chair

The ideal leisure chair should be 5 cm shorter than the height of the heel.

It's best to have a hard back;

Chair face best elastic, but not too soft, like wood plastic recreational chair is right choice, also can put a cushion on the chair, put a foot put aside footrest, let his legs can be horizontal, prevent the lower limb ischemia.

1. The height of the chair should be equal to the height below the knee. That is, when the old man is sitting, his feet will be flat on the ground.

2. The weight of the chair should be suitable, too light, it is difficult to maintain certain stability.

3. The old man with pulley is better not to sit, because its stability is very poor, and for some old people, often sitting rocking chair can cause dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms, when standing up is also prone to accident.