What's the appropriate dimensions of bar stool ?

- May 29, 2018-

Normal proportion is: the height of the table is: a standing position, prolapse of both hands nature in your sides, palms parallel to the ground, cock palms down at this time. Your palms and ground distance is the height of your desk. 

The height of the chair is: after you sit down your thighs should be parallel to the ground. In addition, according to the principle of golden section, the chair should be 0.618 times the height of the table is better.

The size of the bar stool of the high stool:

The bar stool is 1.2 meters high, and it needs to be equipped with the counter stool with a height of 0.85 meters.

The general selection of bar height and stool height is as follows: 

Size: L44 x W44 x H83SH:54-76 bar chair -031

size: L45 x W50 x H99SH:77 bar chair -059

size: L42 x W46.5 x H92SH:77 bar chair -015

size: L45 x W45 x H92SH:80.