Choose A Nice Chair And Have A Different Home Style

- Dec 06, 2017-

Chairs include dining chairs, leisure chair and work Chair, is one of the indispensable items in the home life, this certainly with its rare function practicality, as well as the application scope wide, the use frequency is inseparable, simultaneously a good chair, to the home overall style and the life interest promotion also is the designer and the life person's consensus. The visual beauty and functionality of the Chair complement each other, a good product, from any point of view, it is as perfect as art, placed in the home can adorn space, and in the process of use, more comfortable.

1. Eames Chair Eames

From the Nordic Classic, to simple fashion known, pay attention to the smooth line design, is the Design Master Eames couple's masterpiece, has become the most important modern art museum MoMA permanent collection.

At the same time is also the Nordic home design is not or can be the classic elements, as long as appropriate to see some cases, you know how high the rate of the mirror, used for dining chairs, office chairs, and even bedside table is very creative and amorous feelings.

2, Windsor chair 丨 Windsor Chairs

The classic design from England, with a hint of retro flavor, always reminds us of the idea of home. Match with the solid wood table, also can be mixed with the Electrolux chair, let the whole space more nimble.

3, tin Chair 丨 Tolix

A taste, attitude of the chair, is renowned for the world's famous design, by the French designer Xavier Pauchard design, trying to show the French lazy and leisurely temperament, over the years to be the world's fashion designers dote, but also by the fashion industry as "hundred on the first" chair.

Also can choose different heights of the bar chair, cushion and backrest can be selected, a kind of modular prototype.