European Metal Chair Manufacturers ' Design Of Hotel Furniture

- Dec 06, 2017-

The hotel has a wide variety of furniture. According to the function section in the hotel, public areas of furniture for guests to rest, there are sofas, chairs, coffee table, etc. dining part of the furniture has a table, dining chair, bar, coffee and chairs, and so on; the rooms are furnished with beds, bedside cabinets, sofas, coffee tables, desks, chairs, cabinets for storage items, etc. The more large-scale hotels, the more the social function of the furniture, the more economical hotel function is simpler, the type of furniture is also relatively reduced.

Hotel Furniture Design has two meanings:

One is its practicality and comfort.

In the interior design, the furniture and the person's various activities relations are close, must reflect "to be artificial" the design concept everywhere;

The second is its decorative nature.

Furniture is the main role that embodies indoor atmosphere and artistic effect. Good furniture not only makes people feel convenient and comfortable, but also gives people aesthetic pleasure and pleasure. Some people put a good furniture design to eggs, because the eggs no matter from which angle to see is a whole, that is, simple and rich changes, that is, concise and rich aesthetic feeling, people happy and clear. Early in the early 20th century, the German "Bauhaus" put forward the concept of modern furniture design, focusing on functional, practical, based on human engineering, emphasizing the industrialization of production, fully play clean and generous, abandon the superfluous decoration, easy to adjust the combination to meet different requirements.