Fine Workmanship Of Tolix Chairs

- Dec 06, 2017-

The chair face sits deep widens lengthened, many general types can comfortably intimate seat; Chair back chair body welding close to smooth, to ensure the firmness of the backrest; cross cage to prevent extrusion impact deformation, increase weighing, durable and not deformed; face matt spray plastic, smooth feel, concave groove design, more stylish; Ferroalloy material, rugged and more durable!

1, another sitting panel

The Factory shop to sell another solid wood panels, multi-color optional, more stylish and more atmosphere.

2, the lengthened sitting deep

Sitting in the chair, sitting in the wide and long, no messy body shape can comfortably seated, very intimate.

3. Meticulous welding

The Chair back and the chair body are welded tightly to ensure the firmness of the backrest.

4, rock-solid

Cross-cage to prevent the deformation after the collision, the more the weight of the chair body, how long it will not deform.

5. Fine Spray Molding

The surface of the use of matt spray plastic, smooth feel delicate, at the same time joined the concave groove design, more fashionable.

6. Solid Chair Foot

Ferroalloy material hard, meticulous welding makes the whole chair is very sturdy and durable.