Restaurant Chair Manufacturers For Your Analysis Of Metal Furniture Purchase And Maintenance

- Dec 06, 2017-

The purchase of metal furniture:

1. Coating

Chrome Plating part: The coating should be bright and smooth, gleaming, coating can not blister, can not rust, do not reveal yellow, not scratched.

Titanium Plating Part: Color can not pan white, especially bogey white, other chrome.

Spray part: Coating film without shedding, no pimple, no wrinkle, no rust point, smooth and delicate, moist heavy.

2. Metal pipe and riveted folding parts

Metal tube section: No overlap, cracks, open welding, concave pits, round bends should not have wrinkles, the arc should be sleek and smooth; Welding department can not have virtual welding, leakage welding, welding wear, blowhole, residual wire head, Burr, and must be polished rounded: the surface of the tube wall should be smooth and clean, feel smooth.

Riveting part: should be firmly not loose, rivet round head and surrounding should be smooth without hitting the mark or Burr.

Folding part: Should open relaxed freely, but tight but loose just right. Folding bed, chair, stool, sofa, table, etc. open, four feet should be on the same level.

Maintenance and repair of metal furniture:

1. Chrome Plated Furniture

Aluminized furniture can not be placed in the damp place, otherwise easy to rust, or even lead to the plating off. Chrome-plated film such as the emergence of yellow-brown net spots, with neutral oil often wipe, can prevent its extension expansion. If there is rust, can be used cotton wire or brush oil dipped in rust, after a moment to wipe back and forth, until the rust is clear, you can not use sandpaper sanding. Usually not used in chrome-plated furniture can be coated with a layer of anti-rust agent, placed in the dry place.

2. Titanium Plated Furniture

The real high-quality titanium plated furniture is not rust, but the best is less contact with water, often with dry cotton or fine cloth rub a rub, to maintain bright and beautiful.

3. Spray Plastic Furniture

Spray plastic furniture such as the emergence of stains, can be wiped with wet cotton cloth dry cotton cloth, pay attention not to retain moisture. The main points to note in use: no matter which kind of metal furniture to be painted, the move should be lightly handled to avoid bumps, to avoid touching hard metal pieces, such as fruit knives, keys, etc., so as not to cause scratches. Fold not too strong, to ensure that the folding part is not damaged.